Welcome Magus, supplier of intelligent energy solutions for buildings and cities

22. 5. 2022

Magus EDH, s.r.o., an engineering company that has been developing and designing energy solutions for cities and buildings for over 20 years, became part of the brand house FIPOX in May 2022.

Magus takes energy management of DOMOPLAN projects to the level of the future

Advanced building energy management solutions contribute to energy savings, reduced CO2 emissions and greater comfort for residents.

Magus's solution benefits from the consistent unification of the administration and management of all external sources and media (electricity, heat, gas, water) with the building's own resources (photovoltaics, heat pumps, recuperation, batteries, waterworks, exchangers).

Linking all available resources and media into one mix and under integrated control allows unprecedented optimization of building energy operations and reduces dependence on central supplies.

The intelligent system enables efficient central management, the sale of surplus renewable energy and the provision of additional services to occupants (from the management of central door locking to the automatic control of charging stations for electric vehicles).

Elements of sustainable energy

The Magus solution gives residents great control over the energy operation of their homes. The online system will allow monitoring of energy and water consumption, optimization of consumption and a constant overview of costs and billing. Alerts for all fluctuations and anomalies and an overview of CO2 production.

The solution includes control of heating, cooling, effectively adapting to the requirements and living habits of the inhabitants.