A unique concept operating in London first time in the Czech market

14. 12. 2021

Domoplan, in cooperation with architects from Dimense and Identity Design studios, has decided to bring an unusual concept of housing to Brno that provides special opportunities for the local community. This means that the residents of the complex will have a massage room, sauna, coworking space, bike workshop or car wash right within its walls.

"Our project is not another typical apartment building, it is more about community, a new lifestyle that fits today's increasingly fast pace of life."

Ivana Linderová, architect

It took a huge amount of courage, yet the success was enormous

"The complex will offer its future residents a range of uses - from a spa and fitness centre to a reception, lounge and sunny communal roof terrace," explains Ivana Linderová of Identity Design. He even adds a note to the list of services about the similarity to a five-star hotel.