A house of unique brands
that bring significant innovations in their fields and support life improving values.

The values that guide our actions towards a better life for future generations.

Passion & Ethics

Our passion for uniqueness and performance is balanced with respect for people and ethics.

Creativity & Innovation

We support, develop and cultivate creativity to bring unique and sustainable solutions. 

We simply don't sit still
Investing for the future

Quality & Honesty

We appreciate honest craftsmanship. We pay attention to the durability and timelessness of our work. 

Systemic Sustainability

Social sustainability comes first. We take environmental, material and energy sustainability for granted 

Our group connect brands and people that share the same long-term visions and values. We provide everything they need to reach their highest potential, while maintaining their unique individuality and enriching the environment we all live in together. I consider this is the key commitment to our brands, their customers and society.

Tomáš Vavřík, CEO FIPOX
Domoplan Development

Innovative Czech Placemakers

DOMOPLAN Brings well-thought-out sustainable architecture and creates places for a happy life and good coexistence of the community.

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THIERRA Construction

New energy of construction industry

Technology and construction concern THIERRA is a partner of investors who demand quality, honest craftsmanship and refuse to put up with the established (dis)orders of the construction market.

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MyResorts Development

Concept: Invest and Enjoy

MyResorts comes with a unique business model that combines investment and use of recreational real estate.

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Sustainable energy engineers

Magus EDH makes smart sustainable energy solutions available to the daily lives of homes and cities.

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Alglas Construction

Partner of demanding architects and investors

The construction company Alglas specialises in the manufacture and supply of external and internal façades and other design elements of buildings made of light metals and glass.

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FIPOX Finance

All investment services and complex care for our brand’s individual investors is provided by the FIPOX Finance.