Energy efficient construction. The THIERRA technology and construction concern adapts the entire construction process to sustainability

24. 10. 2023

Demands in the construction sector are subject to increasingly stringent requirements for emission reduction and sustainability of construction projects. Developers are striving to design the most efficient buildings possible. The technology and construction group THIERRA goes even further in its efforts. In cooperation with the development company DOMOPLAN from the FIPOX Group, it emphasises low energy consumption right from the construction of residential projects. The combination of high-quality building materials, renewable energy sources, modern technologies and smart home management leads to up to 40 percent self-sufficiency of the buildings.

The whole concept of linking more sustainable construction including subsequent energy-efficient housing is based on the long-term strategy of both companies to create value-added projects. "The current trends are clear. Energy saving, recycling and sustainability are concepts that resonate strongly at the moment. At the Group, we are aware of the need to be environmentally responsible. It is one of the things that is very important to us," says Václav Stehno, CEO of the technology and construction group THIERRA.

This is also reflected in the construction of the buildings in which THIERRA is involved. "We use high-quality recycled building materials, for example in the form of crushed building rubble. Wherever possible, we also use materials directly from the original brownfields on which some of our projects are built. At the same time, both in the construction of the Starý Pivovar and Pekárenský dvůr residences in Brno and in Central Bohemia, where we are building the Na Mariánská cesta complex, we choose suppliers of technologies that are located within a short driving distance," explains Václav Stehno.

Recycled construction debris and aluminium

The emphasis on an environmentally friendly approach extends to the construction work itself, starting with the separation and recycling of construction waste on site. In addition to transport, this approach also brings material savings.

The use of recycled materials is important to THIERRA, which is why it also looks for specific suppliers who work with recyclates. Within the subsidiary ALGLAS, which specialises primarily in the manufacture and supply of exterior and interior facades, the Group has long been working with Wicona. It purchases profile systems made from an alloy called Aluminium Hydro CIRCAL from the company.

"The alloy is made from 75 per cent recycled aluminium that comes from dismantled windows and facades. The production process thus makes maximum use of material that has reached the end of its useful life, while only 5 percent of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium is required for production. It is a top quality alloy with one of the highest amounts of recycled content currently available on the market. It is intended for the production of building elements such as window frames, doors, facade profile systems and other lightweight envelope structures," adds Václav Stehno.


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Energy efficient construction. The THIERRA technology and construction concern adapts the entire construction process to sustainability

Demands in the construction sector are subject to increasingly stringent requirements ...

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